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Audi (left) touches Ivy (right) sweetly. Ivy looks up at Audi with love in her eyes.


SIOSI is Audi and Ivy - a two woman team who blur the lines between life, work, and art. They are artists, collaborators, and in love.

SIOSI has been designing and making furniture since 2012. The duo leans towards Scandinavian inspired design, but are known to color outside of the lines. Ultimately, it's all about the details, clean lines, and respect for mother nature. All lumber is sustainably sourced, slab pieces come from trees at the end of their life cycle, and finishes are low VOC and kid safe. 

Audi + Ivy recently planted 100 black walnut trees on their land. Some of these seedlings will be carefully pruned for future lumber use, others will be kept knotty and wily for wildlife. The majority of their 56 acres is designated classified forest - this means no subdivisions and no unsustainable logging. While the majority of the land is forest, the fields are maintained to encourage butterflies, and they have goals for more wild flowers, bees, and adding a pond. Work, life, nature, art.

Audi + Ivy have a standard line of furniture that is made to order, and also accommodate custom requests. Each piece is made by hand, by two women who live in the middle of the woods in Bloomington, Indiana – each piece is unique and treated with individual care. 


We are always happy to design and make a custom piece for your home or office. Let us know what you need, and we'll set you up with a drawing, cost, and freight details. Once we work out all of the details, we ask for a 50% deposit for custom requests (70% for all slab work) - the remaining balance + freight are charged upon completion. 


Our primary finish is a hard wax oil - earth friendly, low VOC, food safe, and kid safe. Finishing is an art, and we've spent years refining the perfect satin finish that is smooth, but also maintains the natural subtle textures of different types of wood. We suggest cleaning with a damp rag, wipe spills or water rings as quickly as possible as water marks can occur, though usually dissipate after 24 hours. Need your table to be heavy duty? We also offer a water based lacquer spray finish - low maintenance, durable, and a smooth satin. No matter the finish, we always suggest placemats and coasters to prevent scratches and to slow general wear and tear.


Local clients, please contact us before you order - we are pleased to provide free delivery for the majority of our pieces (as long as we can transport and carry them without an extra set of hands). We ship nationwide. To reduce packaging waste, we offer a blanket wrapped delivery option. Please send us an email with your zip code, and we'll be happy to provide a delivery rate. Custom crates are also an option, though with the wasted material in crating, we now prefer blanket wrapping our work. International shipping is available, please contact us and we'll work out the details.



Ivy has a background in fine art, automotive restoration, and home building. She is the motor behind the design force of SIOSI. Distraction motivated and inspired, Ivy's days are dense and diversified - from design, to woodworking, to welding, to fixing the vehicles and building motorcycles; Ivy is a force to be reckoned with.

Audi's concentrations in fine art, photography, and time-management wizardry are integral to the success of SIOSI. She is the conductor of all things business - from photography + website design, to emails + social media. Focused, eyes on the prize, Audi will probably answer your email within an hour of receiving it while routing out a couple of inlays, updating the lookbook, and developing a new prototype.

Together, they are the whole pie - constantly learning, constantly striving to learn more; each piece, the overall aesthetic, the approach, is a collaboration.

For daily images and new work, follow us on Instagram @siosidesign + @ivysiosi

A HUGE THANK YOU to Peyman Hosseinzadeh - who tirelessly helped design this fancy website.