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Our Windsor inspired Family Chair melds form with function, comfort with practicality, and strength with attention to detail. Designed to accommodate your dining table, this chair has a small footprint to insure plenty of space around the dining table, while maintaining a practical utility.

All chairs are made from two ash trees that were downed on Audi's parent's property in northern Indiana (where she grew up). These ash slabs have been slowly air drying in the Siosi shop for several years, and are finally ready to be made into chairs and tables. 

Since all chairs are made from the same two trees, they work well together - each one unique, but at the same time they speak to one another. We call them chair siblings. The chair seats are a solid 2.5" thick piece of ash lumber, and the legs + spindles are sculpted with hand tools. The texture of the hand tools left behind to add a tactile quality to each chair. The seat is scooped and very smooth, and the spindled back offers a subtle flexibility - it's a comfy chair.

These chairs are made to order, please inquire for current lead time and shipping cost. Shipping is charged upon completion.