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Our Tactile Bar Stools are the second in a series that explores the functional forms of sensory stimulation. Solid quarter sawn white oak construction with tactile relief details and adjustable feet.

Solid construction with steel footrests, one at the average height, and the other a bit higher to accommodate kids. You may choose from three different textures: scoop, circle, or striated. Lead time depends on the number of stools that you need, get in touch with us for the details.

26" height x 15" width x 13" depth + 1 1/4" thick white oak

Please contact us for current lead time and a shipping quote - shipping is charged upon completion.

Active Tactile Stimulation is shown to reduce stress levels and have a calming effect on people living with autism, Alzheimer's, and other forms of dementia...tactile stimulation can improve memory and motor skills, help direct focus, and relieve pain.